Color management plays a key role in consistent printing.

Every imaging device, from the office  desktop inkjet printer to the mightiest pressroom iron, has its own personality. Color imaging will only produce accurate results if we consider the characteristics of each device, which requires a global framework for color control.

Every color-imaging device behaves differently — hence the need for color management. Individual desktop printers have different inks, paper and printing technologies. And of course the differences between a desktop printer and an offset press are even greater. If you ignore these differences, inaccurate and inconsistent printing will result.


Every press has its own characteristics, these unique qualities are analyzed, and incorporated into our prepress department, to insure that our proofs match the press sheet.




Aqueous Coating

Our Heidelberg Speedmasters equipped with Aqueous Coaters.

Aqueous coating provides a protective finish that exceeds the quality of varnished materials. This water-based finish dries quickly, and it is resistant to smudges and fingerprints—ideal for solid ink coverage where you want the ink to stay on the paper, and not get on your reader's hands.

As with varnishes, you can choose the aqueous coating in a dull or gloss finish. Need to spot gloss just some of the press sheet? No problem, Paladin uses a strike through technique that adds the gloss only where you want it.

Soft touch coating is a product that when applied gives the paper the soft velvet "peachy" feel. This is a great option when you want to add that lasting impression on your special print project.

Contact your Paladin printers representative to see samples of aqueous coating.






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